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Why My Insurance Rate has been Climbing over the Past Year

As an insurance professional (and tax payer) I find this to be abhorrent. We are held to specific standards and regulations that if violated could put us out of business in a minute. Yet this organization runs over its own customers and only when caught, do they admit guilt and try to make “amends”. Will they be put out of business? No. Too big to fail. National General (formerly GMAC), the insurance carrier who wrote these fraud policies, is just as bad. They have resources at their disposal that could have been used to track which customers had already placed insurance on the vehicles. Nat. Gen. could have then cancelled the redundant policies and refunded the premiums but failed to do so.

Now, I understand why my insurance rate has been climbing the past year. It is now nearly double what it was when I first bought my car in May 2016. The morons in the state capitol are always saying competition will drive down costs for ratepayers. Yeah, just like it was supposed to when they privatized prisons. They got their payoffs, sorry campaign contributions, and that’s all that really matters to them.

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